Why Mangini gave the team off on Monday?

Jets coach Eric Mangini cancelled both practices on Monday. It seems a little early in training camp to do this. After all, the Jets are only six days into their summer session. So why did he do it?

In the off-season, Mangini had a chance to pick the brains of some Australian training experts. He also talked to some individuals associated with the Tour-de-France bike race. The insight he received from these people led him to change his approach to training camp.

"The stuff that we've learned about recovery, I've tried to incorporate that not just into the practices, but the post-practices," said Mangini. "We set up a routine that gives guys a better chance to really take care of their bodies. My goal is to get them as prepared as possible in the best possible shape that they can be in but not fatigued, and finding that balance."

The Jets resume two-a-days on Tuesday.

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