5 Questions with Sam Garnes

The Jets safety has picked up his play of late, and talks about the improved Jet defense.

Q: If you look at the film of the Jet defense against Buffalo in week one, and the Jet defense right now, what are some of the differences that you're seeing?


Garnes: The number one thing would be tackling. Our tackling has improved. We're moving around a lot faster because we know where we're going and we're confident in what we're doing. We're not worried that if somebody makes a play against us, that it's over.


Q: Is it difficult to maintain that anxiety and edge that you've had over the last month or so, now that you're back to .500?


Garnes: It's easy because we still have a lot to prove. We're back at .500 but the big picture is that we're 5-5 and nobody wanted to be 5-5 at this point [in the season]. We still need to do some things to get to where we want to be.


Q: With the run defense being much better now and the changes that have been made, such as you and Sam Cowart playing more in the box, will it be easier this time to contain Buffalo's RB Travis Henry?


Garnes: I think the number one thing is that we're confident in what we're doing, no matter what [it is] we're doing. We're tackling better as a group, and our front four has been doing a great job of getting up the field, and that messes everything up for offenses. When they do that, running backs cut outside-inside, and we got me and Sam Cowart standing there and doing what we're supposed to do.


Q: Did the way you guys won the opening game give you a false sense of how good you really were at the time?


Garnes: It made me feel like no matter what we do, we're going to win. We felt that no matter what, we were going to be there in the end of the game and do something win. We were winning all preseason, and we were a new team so we thought we were where we needed to be.


Q: So in a sense you guys felt like you were leading a charmed life?


Garnes: I didn't' say anything about a charmed life. But we were 4-0 in the preseason, and when we stepped on the field, we thought we were supposed to win the game. We learned that we still have a lot to learn as a unit. Also, you combine that with a couple of injuries that we had, and we really weren't' the same team that we were in the preseason.

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