A conversation with Vernon Gholston

Q)Is the playbook a little confusing to you right now?

Gholston: A little bit. It's a new position for me, playing on my feet primarily, reading coverage, reading the receiver's release and all those things. It may just take a little while.

Q)Is your biggest strength sacking the quarterback?

Gholston: I would say so. But [linebacker] is a new position for me, so it may not be required of me all the time, so I have to learn the ins and outs of my new position.

Q)What is your mindset when you are tracking down the quarterback?

Gholston: The biggest thing is just get to the quarterback. Be relentless about it and get there.

Q)Would you say there is more pressure on you since you were such a high pick?

Gholston: I would say so, but all the guys they bring in they expect to help, try to contribute. But I do have to accept [the heightened expectations] and I understand that.

Q)What is the most difficult part of moving from defensive end to outside linebacker?

Gholston: The technique is different and knowing what coach wants you to do in certain situations.

Q)How does being a rookie compare to being a freshman?

Gholston: Going to Ohio State, I was recruited to play defensive end, it was a new position for me. I had to learn the techniques, learn different things. It's the same thing here.

Now, I'm a fresh rookie here and trying to learn everything, it's a little tough, but it's growing pains.

Q)How vast is the move from defensive end to linebacker?

Gholston: It's not necessarily the speed, or even the athletes. Of course, this is the NFL, all the athletes are pretty good. Just the whole different defensive philosophy and our defensive scheme that I have to adjust to.

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