A conversation with Revis

Q)What has the coach told you about your performance early in the camp?

Revis: The hard work is paying off. Just being humble about every situation that I face, and just being a listener and listening to (defensive backs coach) Jerome Henderson.

Q)Is this camp different than last since you were here from the beginning?

Revis: Coach teases me about that this actually is my first camp. It's fun to be out here. This is the time when you see where players are at and you improve.

Q)What have you improved on from last year?

Revis: I'm a smarter player. I'm definitely smarter. I'm just a student of the game, I'm getting more wisdom in my brain and listening to coach and taking heed of it.

Q)How much were you able to learn on the job last year?

Revis: Going through the season last year and watching film in the off-season on it just shows you I was running out there with my head cut off (laughs). Now I understand the defensive schemes more, I understand what I'm supposed to do at certain times. I think it's key to know that, what to do at certain times, where to be at.

Q)Do you have the potential to be a shutdown corner?

Revis: I'm going to do the best I can. Last year I went up against some of the best receivers in the NFL. It was good to get that experience that young, being a rookie. Now, coming into my second year I have a lot of experience.

Q)What do you mean by you were running "with your head off" last season?

Revis: I think the coaches did a great job of just giving me basic things for the defense.

Q)Are you going to take on more of a leadership roll this year?

Revis: Yes, I'm taking that role this year. Coach Mangini and Coach Henderson told me to take a leadership role. I'm progressing at it, and I'm getting better at it every day.

Q)What was the toughest part making the transition from college to the NFL?

Revis: You get a playbook this big (holding hands about 18 inches apart). You have to know everything in it so I would say that was the most difficult thing.

Q)Who do you consider shutdown corners in the NFL?

Revis: There are a couple out there. My favorite, who I looked up to, is Champ Bailey. DeAngelo Hall, he's another one. Asante Samuel.

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