It's now or never

The NY Jets are riding on a 3 game winning streak. QB Chad Pennington has been the star of the Gang Green, making a MAJOR name for himself both in New York and in the National Football League.

 The NY Jets Defense has done just enough to get the job done and prevent teams from getting the best of them. The NY Jets have blown out teams, started a new streak against a fishy rival, played tough games, and gained some national exposure. Do you know what I truly love the most? How the Jets proved many people, including those so-called "insiders" WRONG!


Let's face it, the Jets aren't one of those "elite" NFL Teams. By elite, I mean they never really had a dynasty that lasted for 4 years like the Buffalo Bills did when QB Jim Kelly was calling the plays. They never had any major runs at the SuperBowl for a few years now, and for some reason, every year, there's hope. The Jets have won a SuperBowl, but that happened back in 1969, when QB Joe Namath was at his prime. The one thing I can say about the Jets, even from the days they were in the AFL up until this modern age in the NFL, they've always had teams that played with heart. You know what I'm talking about. All those teams that had players that may never have tasted the fame of being SuperBowl Champions in a Jets uniform, but played every game as if it WERE the big game. I'm talking about guys from the famous "NY Sack Exchange" to all the players who have come and gone through the Jets.


Year in, year out, us Jets Fans have a rollercoaster of a ride each and every Season. We've seen miracles happen late at night to being just half a game away to going to the SuperBowl. We've had our fair share of players who were considered longshots to be on the Roster, make it, only to become heroes. We've seen disappointment but we've also tasted success. I've always believed that winning isn't everything; it's really how you play the game. Of course it would be nice to attend a Jets Parade before my time comes, but it's nice to see this team always have that compassion to just do their BEST to win. Even if they don't win, hell, at least they tried.


That's what we have now in our 2002 Jets. I'll be one of the first to say that yeah, the start of the Season was just really hard to comprehend. It was hard to even consider the Jets even being MENTIONED into going to the Playoffs since at the time, they couldn't get things clicking. Even through thick and thin, this team just never gave up. Think of all the coaches that have been with the Jets before now. Guys like Parcells, Kotite, Groh, Ewbank, so on and so fourth, and now, Herman Edwards. Say what you must about him, but the guy is a tremendous motivator. He took this team at the very ugliest it has been in years and completely turned things around. He renewed the faith of this team and in its Fans to just hang in there and do what you have to do. Even with all the legends that use to be with us to the new ones who carry our colors, that emotion of just COMPETING has been with this Team for generations.


It's now or never my fellow Jets Fans. We're in November and this is the most crucial point in the Season for our Jets. We need to keep on believing and supporting this team. If you're one of the lucky ones that WILL be in attendance for this coming Sunday's Jets/Bills game, do all those people who have cried, bled, and sweat for this team since its inception, SCREAM. Motivate our boys on every side of the ball to do their best and to leave the game victorious. Be vocal, you represent some of the most loyal fans you can find on the planet. Be sure to scream your lungs out to keep putting emotion into that Jets logo. Afterall, we're all here for one purpose and one purpose alone: to prove them all WRONG.

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