Baker refuses to talk about his contract

Q)Is there anything new with your contract situation?

Baker: I have to leave that one alone. I'm just trying to focus on football and getting back into a swing of things.

Q)How much have you fallen behind in the offense?

Baker: No, I'm fortunate that this is my third year with this offense. We have a few wrinkles, but I've been through this process the last two years. I feel really good with the offense.

Q)What is your mindset right now?

Baker: I'm focused. We have brought in a lot of good players. We're trying to get poised to make a run at New England. Obviously, we did a lot of things last year. With the improved talent level, I think we have a good shot to do some good things this year.

Q)Do you still want to play for the Jets?

Baker: Yes.

Q)You guys seem to have a lot of flexibility at tight end . . .

Baker: We have the ability to run two and three tight ends. It's really a good group of guys we have, guys that can bring different things to the offense. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Q)Where are you at in your conditioning?

Baker: They wouldn't let me back out here if I wasn't in shape. It's just different getting the pads on again. I've been running throughout the summer. Having full gear on and shoulder pads, that was a little tough. But everybody goes through that the first couple of days. You adjust.

Q)How is your back doing?

Baker: Actually it has felt really good the last week or so. I'm working with the strength coach, Sal (Alosi). He helped me out a lot and also the medical staff. Body-wise I feel really good.

Q)Are you at peace right now?

Baker: Yes, right now I am. Just focusing back on what I need to do, as far as going out there and having a really good year. That's why I just want to put the rest of the stuff out of my mind for right now, just really concentrate on football and let the business side take care of the business side.

Q)Is conditioning more difficult than practice?

Baker: Sometimes it is, to be honest with you. When you're playing you're having fun and you're competing. At the same time, there were some things I needed to do, like strengthen my core. It's tedious but at the same time, it was a necessary thing. I'm glad I did it and I feel a lot better. It's probably the most flexible I've ever been in my career (laughing). That's a really good thing for me.

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