How quickly can Favre get up to speed?

Brett Favre and the Jets offensive coaches have a big challenge over the next month - to get the rifle-armed legend up to speed on the Jets playbook.

It's not going to be easy.

"You have to dive into it," said Favre.

Jets coach Eric Mangini doesn't think it will be that hard since Favre has been around the NFL so long.

"It's a little different from someone who has the experience of Brett as opposed to rookies," said Mangini. "Has has a wealth of experience to draw from."

And Mangini feels there are many plays in the Jets playbook that Favre has used before.

"There are similarities with what we do," said Mangini. "There will be a lot of association with concepts he's familiar with."

Aside from needing a crash course in the Jets offensive system, Favre also needs to develop a quick chemistry with his targets on offense.

"To me the most important aspect of winning is chemistry," said Favre. "You can have the best players possible, but it doesn't guarantee you wins. We're up against the clock. I want these guys to know me, know what I'm about, how I play, what type of leadership I have."

And how would Favre describe his leadership style?

"I'm not going to call team meetings, I'm not going to ‘rah-rah,' I'm going to do what I have to do, pat guys on my back, hug them, pick them up off the ground and hope they do the same for me," said Favre.

It will be interesting to see how Favre does in this Jets' Berlitz course.

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