Eric Moulds on the Jets

The talented Buffalo wide out spoke to the New York media this week about facing the Jets, and former teammate Sam Cowart again.

What do you remember from the first game against the Jets?


"It was exciting, but it was also tough because you have so many emotions flowing, being high after being in an overtime game, but at the same time you have a bitter taste in your mouth after Morton runs the kick back for a touchdown in overtime. So you have some high emotions and a downside.


At the time, the Jets were having defensive problems. What have you seen from them that makes them look a little bit tougher now?


"They are playing more consistent. They are mixing their coverages up a lot better when playing the pass and they are playing solid football on defense. I think that they are giving the offense a chance to score more points. Their offense is playing well. Overall, they are playing a lot better, and I think that as a team, as a whole, they are a solid football team.


How is Sam Cowart playing for the Jets?


"Early on in the season I think Sam was struggling a little bit from his injury. But it seems like his injury is healing up. He is looking like the Sam Cowart of old, so you have to really account for him and find out where he is on the field because he makes so many plays. He is one of those guys that receivers try to stay away from, on of those big hitting guys. We have so much respect for Sam on this team, that it was hard to see him go because he was a good friend of mine. But at the same time it is tough to compete against him, and it is also fun. You want him to do well, but at the same time you want to be able to beat him.


Was the Sam Cowart you saw in the first game a shell of himself?


"I think that he wasn't the Sam Cowart that he is right now. I think his injury kind of limited him to what he could do. He can blitz, he can rush the passer, he can do a lot of things for us, covering guys one on one. Earlier on in this season, he didn't' get the opportunity to do that because of his injury. Now, he is playing a lot better for the Jets because his injury is starting to heal up and he is getting more confidence and doing what he is supposed to do."

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