Gregg Williams on the Jets

The Bills head coach spoke to the New York media this week about sunday's big match-up.

What have the Jets shown you since you last played them?


"Herman has done a very good job in getting them focused and getting them to play their kind of ball game. I think Chad Pennington has done a good job of managing the game. He is taking what the defense gives him. Paul [Hackett] has done a very good job of setting up plans for him to be effective. And the execution overall has been very good. They are tackling good on defense, and playing very well on special teams. I have always respected Mike Westhoff and the job he has been able to do with their special teams. They are playing well as a team in every phase.


Are they doing anything different with their wide receivers on offense?


"No, it is still the same offense. Obviously, Chad has his ways that he goes about executing the reads and all of that kind of stuff, but it is still the same offense.


How is the Jets' offensive line doing with the new quarterback?


"They are healthy, and again the offensive line has taken a little bit of time to play together, even at the start of the season. There is usually limited times that they get to be together in the preseason games. No matter how long they have been together in prior years, you still need that working time on task together. I think the running game has helped the passing game too. People are set and ready to go to defend the run, and sometimes you don't get as good of a pass rush pressure because you are sitting there playing the run. Curtis [Martin] is running pretty hard.


What makes Coles so dangerous?


"He has got very good speed. He has displayed good run-after-the-catch ability, and he is fearless when he plays the game. He is fun to watch.


Can you talk about Sam Cowart?


"Just focusing in on the last three games, I have had a chance to see him on film. He is really playing well. He has been active, and he looks like he is getting back to the Sam of old. "

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