C-Bake pumped to be on field with Favre

Q)How different is the ball Favre delivers compared to other quarterbacks?

Baker: It's definitely a different ball. It's cool being out there on the field with him.

Q)How would you describe his throws?

Baker: Obviously a different ball than anyone I played with. I played with Vinny (Testaverde) and he had a pretty hard ball, but it's still different at the same time.

Q)Are his passes difficult to catch at first?

Baker: It's just getting adjusted to it. We've been out here two practices now, so just getting used to it and getting adjusted to how he throws it and where it comes from behind the line.

Q)Is the rotation different?

Baker: It's just a different spin, but it's something that I think we can all get adjusted to quick.

Q)Is the speed similar to a Jugs machine?

Baker: It's equivalent to that (the Jugs machine), how fast it comes out and things like that. I try to get as close (to the Jugs) as possible so that it's coming a little bit faster.

Q)You and Favre already connected quite a bit. Do you see a bigger role this year?

Baker: Hopefully so – he does like to spread the ball around a lot. He does get the ball to the tight ends a lot. I spoke to Bubba (Franks) and he said ‘be ready.' He's right because at any time the ball can be coming your way. It makes it a little more fun because you get out there and you're running routes and you know you're a live option on every play.

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