B-Schotty Part 1

Q)What has the last week or so been like with all the catching up Brett Favre has to do?

Schottenheimer: When you get a guy in here a little bit late, it definitely adds some hours. It has been a lot of hard work. The biggest part that goes into it is just the translation of the information of the words and phrases.

The plays are all the same. Most teams run the same type of plays; it's just what you call them.

Q)What type of tools have you used to aid the teaching process?

Schottenheimer: We've had a fun time doing some different things trying to get Brett (Favre) up to speed. We've done crosswords puzzles, we've done walkthroughs, we've done cutups. He's really doing a good job picking it up. We have a number of guys on the staff and on the team that actually have been in the system that he comes from so you hear a lot of translating going on.

Q)What is the most important part of the learning process?

Schottenheimer: I just think the big thing with him is getting comfortable with calling the plays. Again, the plays are the same thing but as a quarterback the more you call it the more you can become comfortable with it, the more you can actually see the picture of the play in your mind. It helps you. It makes you feel more and more confident, I think he sees the play but sometimes it doesn't come off his tongue maybe as fast as he wants it to because he's been doing it one way for a long time.

Q)One thing Brett seems to have is great field vision - how will that play into how you call plays?

Schottenheimer: He pressures the whole field; he's been doing that his whole career. We tell our guys all the time and I heard Eric (Mangini) say it the other day, Brett's got such a great feel that if he sees something, maybe it's a safety biting down on something, he'll throw the ball. Everybody stays alive, everybody's looking to get open, and Brett's going to find the guy that's open and get him the ball.

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