B-Schotty Part II

Q)How has Brett looked to you during practice so far?

Schottenheimer: We tease him, he goes "I'm a little bit fatigued" like we all are," but I said, "Yeah, you're old. You are, you're old." He laughs. But he's doing good. He's had a lot going on. There's been a lot of things that he's had to get acclimated to, whether it's finding the lunchroom, or learning the playbook or studying film and all that stuff.

Q)How helpful has his former Green Bay teammate Bubba Franks been to Brett?

Schottenheimer: I think that helps. Again, you talk about translating; Bubba's the guy that actually can translate the best because he was just there with Brett last year. Whereas maybe with me or coach Callahan or one of the other guys it's a little bit different.

Q)Brett joked that NFL coaches have too much free time and playbooks are too thick . . .

Schottenheimer: We don't have a lot of free time (laughs). We definitely tend to look and uncover different things under a lot of rocks that we can call free time (laughs).

Q)Are you going to set up the game plans based on things Brett is comfortable with?

Schottenheimer: It's going to be based on Brett. There's going to be plays he's comfortable with and plays maybe that he's not comfortable with. It's going to be based on each week. The team we're playing and what do they do from a coverage standpoint and a front standpoint. You kind of go in each week and say "This looks good, maybe this doesn't; we'll put it on the backburner."

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