B Schotty Part 3

Q)Explain how you and Brett figure out what to use and not to use?

Schottenheimer: He's got a really good football mind. Things make sense to him. We'll be sitting in here, we'll be talking about a play and he'll be like "Oh yeah, I hit Antonio Freeman on that back in 1995 and we called it this." We kind of chuckle and the other quarterbacks are like "What did you call that play?" It's been fun. He's got a great football mind and a great feel for the game.

Q)Brett said he had a fatigued arm recently. How do you decide how much he's going to throw in a given practice?

Schottenheimer: That comes from just he and I getting to know one another. I would never want to put a quarterback in a position were they weren't comfortable.

Q)With so little practice time, how did you figure out a "gameplan" for Brett's first preseason game?

Schottenheimer: Most of the things we're running are plays that he's run before. It's just getting him to be comfortable. We call it this, they call it that. He's done a really, really good job with something that's not easy.

Q)How long will it take to get comfortable with the offense?

Schottenheimer: I go back to instincts. He's always had a good feel for solving problems and again he might not be able to put it into our terminology but he knows, "I have a problem over there, I am going to bail myself out over here." That is where he and the players started to develop a really good feel for signals and things like that.

When you are dealing with a smart guy who has played as much as he has there isn't much he hasn't seen. He's done a good job, we have noticed it already. It might be just as simple as coming to the check down. You know you call something and you try to throw the ball up the field, he feels the coverage not there and takes the check down to the back. You see that quite a bit from him.

Q)How much extra work as the addition of Favre added to your day?

Schottenheimer: I had to go back and review some of the things from my background in the West Coast system. I mean there really isn't time to think about, hey, ‘Brett Favre is here'. We have a good nucleus of guys. We have good players in that room and the main thing is to stay focused on getting Favre caught up with everybody else and that is really where your main focus is at this point since it happened in training camp.

You really stick to the plan and try to peel away things that might not be as important in terms of schematics.

Q)What were you doing when you found out about the Favre trade?

Schottenheimer: I remember I was sitting in my room in Cleveland and then I got a phone call. Actually I just started to fall asleep so I was a little bit upset. Of course then I know it was time to go to work.

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