B-Schotty Part 4

Q)Is Brett Favre a lot more cerebral than people give him credit for?

Schottenheimer: Absolutely, he is very intelligent and he has a good feel for what is going on both offensively and defensively. I think the gun-slinger tag is a little bit unfair because he has a great feel for what is going on. We are talking to him during the course of practice, and he will say ‘I saw this guy push over on the backside versus cover-four, I know I have a single over there.' That is something some quarterbacks have and some don't and he definitely has the ability to see things.

Q)Does he take chances on throws that other quarterbacks won't?

Schottenheimer: He is going to make some decisions that in his mind he believes he can make that throw. You don't decide whether you are open or not. He is going to ultimately make that decision so run the route and try to win. For every great throw he makes, you also see him make a great decision by coming down to the check down.

Q)With Favre here, do you still have enough time to develop the young quarterbacks?

Schottenheimer: I think as a coach that's one of the things you take pride in is trying to develop the younger players. That would be any position. Whether you're talking about a running back, a tight end, Dustin Keller, you're trying to develop all your players because you realize in this business it's not about years, but it's about having depth. It's a violent sport. There's injuries, and nicks that happen and so your trying to develop your whole roster.

Q)How is the running game coming together?

Schottenheimer: I think that with the backs that we have here, with Thomas (Jones) and Leon (Washington), with the linemen, we're trying to get things put into place. That's definitely something that's not overlooked. If you go back and look at Brett (Favre), one of the things he's done a great job of his whole career is play-action, the ability to use his hands and sell things.

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