Brad Smith needs to take next step

Brad Smith is a tremendous athlete, and an even better person. But as a receiver at this point, you have to consider him just average.

Most routine catches he will make, but the circus catches many have expected of him, considering his fantastic athleticism, rarely happen.

"I disagree on his disability to make great catches," said Mangini.

With no disrepect intended to Mangini, I haven't seen them.

"One of the things he's done since he's been here, he has made some ridiculous catches," said Mangini. "There are some plays that you just can't believe."

It's time for the 6-2 Smith, who has great leaping ability, to win a jump ball over a defensive back once in a while, or make a diving catch.

I haven't seen this, but he clearly has the ability to do it.

Right now, recently signed Larry Brackins is a better receiver than Smith. David Ball would give him a run for his money.

Mangini claims the way Smith is covered might contribute to what JC isn't seeing.

"He's a bigger guy, so the way that he gets covered is a little bit different than a Chansi Stuckey would get covered," said Mangini.

Big receivers like "TO" and Brandon Marshall always get double-covered, and they make those difficult catches. It's time for Smith to do the same.

"The nice thing about Brad is he's a multiple threat," said Mangini.

But right now this sensational athlete is mediocre as a "multiple threat." It's time for him to make some big plays in 2008.

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