5 Questions with Curtis Martin

Curtis Martin spoke after the game about the team's turnaround.

Q: How does it feel to go from 1-4 to 6-5?


Martin: It feels good. It feels like we're continuing to build. I think the more that we keep the mentality that we're at the bottom of the barrel and have to fight our way up, the better off we'll be. And that's the direction I think this team is going in.


Q: What do you think of Chad Pennington's move on the touchdown run?


Martin: He's been watching films of me. He's always asking me, ‘how do you do that move?' I think he finally got it now.


Q: Are you impressed with what the defense has been doing lately?


Martin: Yeah, they've been doing good these past few weeks. We've played some teams with running games as well as great passing games, and our defense has been able to be sound and stop those offenses that are powerful.


Q: You guys are now at .500 at home. Do you feel that things are finally going your way at home?


Martin: We're getting better, and I think it's good for our perspective of playing at home. Last year our perspective was that we played better on the road, and after that sets in, you begin to believe it. Now, we're beginning to believe that we're just as effective at home as we are away.


Q: Can you talk about how well your offensive line played on Sunday? Were you surprised by how much running room you had?


Martin: I don't expect anything less from our offensive line. When they don't [block for me] I'm in their face, and when I don't run well, their in my face. We keep each other accountable.

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