Raissman out of line/McManus not the reporter

New York Daily News sports media critic, Bob Raissman, who never comes to Jets camp, took a pair of cheap shots at the Jets organization in his Friday column.

With the likely help of a Daily News reporter at Jets camp.

Cheap shot #1 - "The Jets offensive linemen are not the only members of the organization responsible for protecting Brett Favre," wrote Raissman. "Thursday, one notebook covering the Jets approached Favre in the locker room to casually introduce herself and make small talk. Suddenly, according to two sets of eyeballs, Jets PR types interceded to break up the impromptu session, scolding the inquiring mind for daring to approach the quarterback."

The PR guy - Jared Winley - did the right thing. Favre is on a tight schedule, especially since he's taking a crash course on the Jets offense. He came into the locker room late, and had to get ready for practice. Favre wasn't available to the media on Thursday. He's on a set media schedule - only available on certain days.

The reporter followed him to his locker and started to engage in small talk. Winley asked the individual (who was not Jane McManus of Gannett) to leave him alone and let him get ready for practice, in a very polite fashion. What is wrong with that?


Favre shouldn't have to engage in small talk with a writer in his own locker room, especially someone he doesn't even know.

Jared was doing his job Mr. Raissman.

And let me tell you something - if the Jets don't keep Favre's media demands under control, there is a good chance he will play just one year.

During one of his early press conferences, he looked out at the reporters and said, "I hope these crowds eventually get smaller and things calm down."

One of his concerns about playing in New York was the media circus. It's the media capital of the world. There are a lot more reporters here than Green Bay. The Jets are going to have to take a Nancy Reagan approach with most Favre media requests - "Just say no."

If the media ruins this for the Jets and their fans, they are going to have hell to pay.

Leave the man alone - let him focus on his job. One press conference a week, along with a post-game session, is enough.

And here is the second cheap shot by Raissman (with help from his Daily News source at Jets camp) - "When Favre arrived at Jets camp, a rule was immediately set: He would give no one-on-one interviews. Last week, the Jets' stated policy concerning Favre was altered. The "policy" now seemed to be highly selective and exercised at the Jets' discretion.

"On Monday, Favre did a one-on-one telephone interview with ESPN-1050's Michael Kay. ESPN-1050 is the radio home of the Jets (WABC-AM airs Jets games, too). ESPN-1050 promoted the interview as Favre's first "exclusive" one-on-one since joining the Jets. The next day Favre went on WFAN with Mike Francesa.

"Yes, Jets scribes were shafted here, but the organization had a good excuse. This was just business. The Jets were taking care of a partner. The real kick in the butt came Tuesday when Francesa planted his fanny inside a tent at Hofstra."

First of all, Francesa threw a tantrum, cursing out Jets officials, so they gave in (maybe they shouldn't have appeased a bully). And once they gave into Francesa, they had to do the same with their flagship station, where Kay does a show.

We guarantee you, the days of Favre one-on-one radio interviews are over.

And as for the beat writers, the team's PR Director, Bruce Speight, called every beat writer, and explained what happened with WFAN and ESPN-1050. He didn't have to do that, but he did. He also told the writers that he will set up a beat writers only session with Favre in the coming weeks.

So Mr. Raissman, don't worry about us Jets beat writers, we will be fine.

If you want to rip the Jets Mr. Raissman, why don't you go after their show - "Inside Jets Camp" which has three "insiders" who were never at camp. This is an insult to the fans, many of whom where at camp more than the "insiders."

But perhaps you won't touch that one because it's on SNY, where you get paid to appear.

The Jets PR department has a stiff challenge in handling the arrival of a living legend.

I think they have done a pretty good job so far.

And the next time a reporter goes over to Favre to engage in small talk, I hope Winley handles things the same way.

Give the man his space.

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