Favre's deal allows him to get out after year

Brett Favre's contract was altered to give the quarterback future flexibility. The announcement was made by Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post.

"The terms on the "back side" of the deal have been altered to the benefit of Favre," wrote Brandt, who was the long-time contract negotiator in Green Bay. "When I negotiated this 10-year, 101M contract in 2001, it required, as all Packer contracts do, a number of appearances on behalf of the club, some worker's compensation guidelines, and bonus recovery provisions in case of immoral behavior or retirement. Those clauses are standard boilerplate in the industry.

"The contract, however, no longer contains those terms. According to multiple sources, there is no backside to the existing contract between Favre and the Jets. Favre's agent, Bus Cook, and the Jets have renegotiated the contract to consist of the identical financial terms from the Packers' contract – 12M this year, 13M next and 14M in 2010 – and nothing more. The language concerning appearances for the club and recovery of bonus due to retirement is no longer part of the deal.

"Favre can also retire from the Jets at any time and have no obligation to forfeit any of the bonus monies he has received."

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