Perhaps something is up with Chatman

The Star-Ledger reported that RB Jesse Chatman was released. While the Jets and Chatman's agent deny that report, you get the feeling something is going on with the player.

Dave Hutchinson has a very good Jets source who told him Chatman was going to be cut.

It's possible the Jets were thinking of cutting Chatman and bringing him back after the first game, so they wouldn't have to guarantee his whole salary. Maybe that is where Hutch's source was confused.

Also, why on earth would the Jets run a veteran running back into the ground like that did in Philly unless they were showcasing him? So maybe a trade is in the offing. Cam Cameron, who coached Chatman in Miami and San Diego, is now the offensive coordinator in Baltimore where Willis McGahee is dealing with a knee injury.

There is still a good chance that Chatman could stay with the Jets, but it seems like there is some fishy stuff going on with this player, so it makes you think something is up.

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