Mangini on Westhoff returning

Q)What can you tell us about Mike Westhoff returning to the Jets?

Mangini: Westhoff is going to come back and join us. He had to get medical clearance to do that. As tough as Westhoff is and as committed as he is, he was way ahead on his rehab. He is going to be with us this year. It's great to have him back. That's another really positive thing that's happened here in the last few days.

Q)What will Mike's role be?

Mangini: Last year, he coached special teams, but he did a lot of other things in addition to that. With his wealth of experience, he's a guy that I can go and talk to about issues that come up, whether they be directly related to game management or whether it's personnel decisions or coaching decisions, any of those things. He always provides great insight.

Q)What happens to Kevin O'Dea?

Mangini: When I hired him, Westhoff was part of that process and we really hired him together. O'Dea understands the situation. I think the value of having two guys that are as good as they are in what they do is only going to enhance the things that we are able to do on special teams.

Q)What will their titles be?

Mangini: I'm not changing O'Dea's title. I haven't really given Westhoff any specific title. We could call him whatever we want to call him, I guess emeritus, guru, whatever you want, but he's going to be (with) special teams, yes.

Q)How is it going to work with two special team's coaches?

Mangini: Westhoff and O'Dea will work together on the special teams. I think the real value here is O'Dea comes from such a good system in Chicago and he has brought a lot of really good ideas from that system. I think having O'Dea here and working with him is going to be a big asset for (Westhoff) as well, because it's another person that he can bounce ideas off of and a whole other set of ideas and a different system to help strengthen our system.

Q)Who will call the plays on special teams?

Westhoff will be responsible for that.

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