Jenkins speaks

Q)What are you emotions entering your first game as a Jet?

Jenkins: I am at that point in my career where I relax, take it one day at a time and stay focused. I am a professional, this is my job, I enjoy my job. I'll save my energy.

Q)How do you get pumped up for a game?

Jenkins: I really don't have a pre-game routine or ritual. Once I step on the field then it's time to go, usually before that I am trying to relax and save my energy.

Q)How tough is Miami's hot weather on a big guy like you?

Jenkins: I am looking forward to it. I was in Carolina for awhile. I was use to heat. I am cold up here so it's going to actually help. It will warm my muscles up.

Q)Can the heat hinder the performance of big guys?

Jenkins: I've experienced it, I've been playing in Florida since I was in college and it's something that I've grown accustomed to. It's not a situation where I feel that the heat is unbearable.

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