Looking at the films Part 1 - Offense

Here is Part I of Dan Leberfeld's "Looking at the films" from the Jets win over Miami. This section deals with the offense.


Terrific first start from Brett Favre, especially considering he's only been in the team's offense for a month.

On the Jets first possession, he ran for a first down on a third-and-two. The first drive ended with Favre throwing the ball out of bounds to end the possession. Considering what a riverboat gambler Favre is, it was good to see him do this.

On the first play of the second possession, Favre threw a long touchdown pass to Jerricho Cotchery. Favre showed his great arm on this play. It certainly helped that Andre Goodman blew the coverage, and Cotchery was wide open.

In the second quarter, as he was being tackled, Favre chucked it towards the end zone, and it was caught by Chansi Stuckey for a TD. Another nice second quarter throw was an 11-yard crossing route to Cotchery.

Favre made a poor decision in the third quarter. After doing a great job of ducking under pass rusher Matt Roth, he stepped up, but took to long to get rid of the ball, and Roth got him from behind, causing a fumble. Favre had to realize that Roth was close behind him after buying a second by ducking under him.

But overall, a terrific debut for Favre.

Running back:

Thomas Jones ran the ball hard and effectively, finishing with 22 carries for 101 yards. He did most of his damage running off right tackle, like on a gain of 13 in the second quarter.

Jones had a terrific drive to start the second half, including gains of 14 and eight yards. Jones had a six yard run for a TD late in the third quarter.

The only bad play of note by Jones was when he wasn't able to pick up Kendall Langford on a second quarter sack.

Leon Washington's best play was a nifty catch-and-run for 13 yards in the fourth. He made an amazing move on a defensive back in the the middle of that run.

Wide receiver:

The Jets wide receivers weren't prolific, but had two big plays that spearheaded the win.

The first was the long TD catch by Jerricho Cotchery on the second drive. And then the 22-yard touchdown pass to Chansi Stuckey in the second quarter. Stuckey showed great leaping ability on this. Stuckey also had a gain of 13 on a crossing route in the third.

Favre and Laveranues Coles still have some work to do on their chemistry after Coles missed most of training camp with a hamstring injury. Coles isn't used to Favre's fastball, and failed to come down with a pair of slants, one of which was in the end zone.

Tight end:

Chris Baker had two nice catches in the third quarter.

Bubba Franks had a 14-yard reception in the first quarter. He also gave up a sack to Joey Porter late in the first half. Franks didn't sustain his block long enough on an end around to Leon Washington that went for no gain in the third.

Dustin Keller had a false start in the third quarter.

Offensive line:

The offensive line was inconsistent, but did some excellent run blocking. The right side of the Jets offensive line did some really good run blocking, and the Jets ran that way consistently. A nice right side run was a 10-yarder by Jones late in the first quarter.

The first nice run of the game was a Thomas Jones rush up the middle for six yards with Alan Faneca and Nick Mangold leading the way.

The right side of the line paved the way on Jones gains of 13 and eight on the first drive of the second half, and a TD run later in the third quarter.

Perhaps getting used to Favre's line calls led to a number of false starts. Fanceca, Damien Woody and Mangold were all whistled. Mangold was also called for holding on the Jets first drive.

Brandon Moore was beat by Randy Starks on the Brett Favre touchdown pass to Chansi Stuckey in the second quarter. Starks hit Favre as he threw.

Faneca let Phillip Merling by him for a run stuff on the line in the fourth quarter.

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