Films - Part II - Defense and Special Teams

Here is the second part of "Looking at the films," from the Jets-Miami game.

Defensive line:

You can see that Kris Jenkins is going to have a huge impact. The Dolphins ran for just 49 yards, and he had a lot to do with that low total. His best play was when he stopped a Ricky Williams screen on the line in the first quarter. He also clogged up a Williams run around the line late in the first half.

Two of Williams best running plays were with Jenkins backup on the field.

Shaun Ellis was active and had a sack late in the first half.

C.J. Mosley had a nice stop on Williams on the line at the end of the first quarter.


It didn't look good for the new-fangled Jets pass rushing OLB's when Chad Pennington had all day to throw on his 11 play, 78-yard TD drive in the first quarter.

But then things picked up.

Pace beat Jake Long leading the tackle to trip him late in the first half. The tackle was penalized. He also forced a hold by the tackle in the second half. Pace had a pressure on the first play of the third, and a sack in the fourth when he went unblocked. Pace also did a good job against the run like when he stopped Ricky Williams on the line on the last last play of third. He also had the Jets first defensive tackle of the game, stopping Williams after short gain. Pace's only bad play was when Williams got behind him for a long reception on the Dolphins final possession. But we aren't sure if it was all his fault.

Bryan Thomas had a sack - running clean up the middle - late in the first quarter, and had another in the fourth. Vernon Gholston had a QB pressure late in the third.

David Bowens blew by a tight end for a pressure late in the first half.

Eric Barton did some nice work against the run like when he blew up a Williams run in the backfield on the Dolphins second possession. Barton was called for roughing the passer in the fourth.


The secondary had a very solid game.

Darrelle Revis had near pick on pass to Ted Ginn over middle in the first quarter, and also had a impressive one-handed pick in the end zone at the end of the game.

Dwight Lowery also did some good things like his PD on a fade to Devone Bess in the fourth. On one drive alone, he had two PD's on Greg Camarillo - one ending the drive on fouth down. David Martin beat Lowery on a late TD, but it was a perfect throw, and Lowery's positioning wasn't terrible.

Kerry Rhodes made several nice plays, including a key PD on Martin late. Also late in the game, he stopped a Ricky Williams screen for a loss of three and just as important kept the player in bounds to keep the clock running. Eric Smith was inconsistent. He got caught in traffic and was late to come over to help Drew Coleman on Tony Fasano's TD reception.

Drew Coleman had one of the biggest plays of the game, when he tipped away a potential game-winning pass to Martin on the goalline.

Special teams:

Not a great game for the special teams, and it started with three missed tackles on a return by Devone Bess in the first quarter.

James Dearth had high snap on the first extra point and the missed field goal.

Mike Nugent seemed to pull a hamstring on the missed field goal, but bravely came back injured in the second half to kick an extra point.

Renaldo Hill tipped a punt late in the first half when he went unblocked.

Wallace Wright and Ahmad Carroll did some good work. As usual Wright was a maniac on the coverage teams, making a couple of impressive stops. Carroll had a terrific shoe-strong tackle on Ted Ginn on a late punt return, and came close to blocking a punt.

The Jets return game was non-descript.

Ben Graham was solid.

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