5 Questions with Damien Robinson

The veteran safety talks about the improved play from the secondary, and the upcoming match-up against Oakland.

Q: What are the keys for the secondary this week?


Robinson: They remind me a lot of St. Louis, when I was [playing] in Tampa Bay. Those guys ran deep routes, but they caught a lot of passes and made deep yards on every catch. The way we played against them was to try and be physical when they caught the ball and get them down real quick. Don't try to give them a lot of yards because that makes them impatient and want to get the ball downfield more. So we want to try to take away their yards after the catch, and let them know that we're going to be out there to make the play.


Q: Was there ever a question in your mind about whether this thing would ever come together?


Robinson: Everybody had their expectations of where we wanted to be when the season started, and we played excellent in the preseason. But that's just what it was, the preseason. Different guys rotate in and set up different schemes. People really don't throw their whole playbook in during the preseason. I think we started off pretty good with the Buffalo game. We gave up a couple of plays, but we won. Everybody had a lot of expectations and we thought we were going to play better and a lot more solid. But at least we got those games out of the way early, and we still got enough time and opportunity to finish the season strong.


Q: Is the communication with the guys a lot better now?


Robinson: Oh yeah. Like me and Ray [Mickens] were in a nickel package the other day in a game, and Ray said he was gonna cover this, and I said, ‘okay I'll go cover this,' and we just switched our assignments and were on the same page. Early in the season, I don't think we would have been able to do that. We know how to play off each other now.


Q: You weren't really healthy in last year's playoff game against the Raiders were you?


Robinson: I missed the Buffalo game. I played half of the Indianapolis game, had the surgery and missed the Buffalo game, and played in Oakland. I wasn't 100 percent by far. Some injuries you can play on, but a knee is kind of hard. But I ain't going to make it as an excuse because I went out and played.


Q: Was there one play from that last Oakland game that has kind of burned in your memory?


Robinson: Probably the first touchdown that Tim Brown caught in the back of the end zone. It was a good play that they had schemed for our personnel. Gruden drew up a good play. It was the first touchdown of the game, and me and AG (Aaron Glenn) were on it. And then later in the game AG (Aaron Glenn) missed a jam and Jerry Rice caught it in the back of the end zone. That burned me because that was two touchdowns they shouldn't have had.





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