Jets-Pats useless injury report

The Jets and Pats both issued their injury reports on Friday, but it was totally useless. Aside from David Clowney and Mike Nugent who everyone in the football world knows are out, every other injured player was "questionable" a good way to confuse the public and opponent

The Jets and Pats tend to always list injured players are "questionable" which means there is a 50-50 chance the player will play. This is the most vague category, that is why Belichick, and now Mangini always use it.

For the Jets, David Barrett (shoulder), Laveranues Coles (hamstring), Shaun Ellis (hand), Marcus Henry (calf) and Justin Miller (toe) are all "questionable."

The same for New England players - Sam Aiken (knee), Eric Alexander (calf), Jabar Gaffney (knee), Lewis Sanders (concussion), and Ben Watson (knee).

The piece of paper this was issued on would be best used as a paper airplane. The information on it doesn't help anybody.

And then you have the faith healer in Miami Bill Parcells, who lists no injuries for the second week in a row. Hey dude, what was that wrap on Ricky Williams hand last week - for decoration?

And remember, Mangini and Belichick learned the art of deception from Parcells.

Perhaps Sean Payton is foolish for being honest with his injury report. Or just a truthful man, who by the way has won a lot of games, so you don't have to deceive to win.

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