Do Jets truly have QB advantage vs. Pats?

The assumption around the football world is that the Jets have a big advantage at quarterback in their game Sunday against New England. But that isn't necessarily the case.

On paper, it looks like the Jets will win the QB battle in a landslide.

After all, the Jets have one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, Brett Favre, and the Pats have player starting his first NFL game, Matt Cassel.

Not only is Cassel starting his first NFL game, it's his first start since high school. He was a backup at USC.

But I think the QB competition is actually very close, and here is why.

Of course Favre is much more accomplished than Cassel. But he has only been with the Jets for a month and is still learning the offense. He is still attempting to get comfortable with this new teammates, especially his offensive line (numerous false starts last week) and receivers (especially Laveranues Coles). He probably knows less than 40 percent of the team's system at this point.

Cassel on the other hand knows the Pats system in it's entirety and is very comfortable with his teammates.

So with the deck stacked against the legendary Favre in so many ways at this juncture, and Cassel in much more of a comfort zone with his playbook, this QB matchup is too close to call for Sunday.

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