Brett Favre comments

Q)How big a challenge is it to face that Pats defense?

Favre: Their front seven guys are as good as anyone in football in their scheme. They played extremely well. It didn't run as smoothly, obviously, as we would have liked. I give the Patriots a lot of credit.

Q)What did you think of the three running calls on first-and-three from the one?

Favre: Had we run it in on the first, second, or third play, then it's a great call. I don't second-guess Schotty's (Brian Schottenheimer) calls one bit. Would I have liked to have thrown it? I'd like to throw every play, but you're not going to win that way.

Q)What happened on your pick?

Favre: I saw the guy. Maybe I got a little greedy, I could have dumped it in the flat. I think if I had made the throw I wanted to, there's no guarantee it would have been caught, but it would have been a much better opportunity. I just under-threw him. I saw the guy and misjudged him. I just made a bad throw.

Q)What are your thoughts on Chansi Stuckey?

Favre: I like everything about him. Stuckey's one of those guys who just seems to be around the ball. He's a small guy, but he's in and out of tight spaces pretty quick and catches the ball. He's a very smart guy.

Q)What did the Pats do to take away Jerricho Cotchery?

Favre: They mixed it up today. I'm sure (when I) look at the film tomorrow, I'm going to see Jerricho open at times, going to see LC (Laveranues Coles) open at times and (Chansi) Stuckey (open at times). The play I threw to Jerricho that was called pass interference, he wasn't open. It was just a double-go play, throw it to LC or throw it to Jerricho. The corner was actually higher on LC, so I took the tighter shot. It was something we had talked about, just take a chance. He goes up and makes the play. They call pass interference. There were some plays that were designed to just take a shot.

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