Looking at the films - Part II - Defense

Here is Part II of "Looking at the Films." Today we look at the defense and special teams from the Jets loss to the Patriots.

Defensive line:

Kris Jenkins was dominating, and Patriots center Dan Koppen had major issues with him. He was a force against the run, with three stops on the first two drives. Late in the third quarter he stopped Sammy Morris for a loss of two, and stopped his old Maryland buddy Lamont Jordan on the line in the middle of the fourth. His most impressive run stop was when he pushed Koppen back into Lawrence Maroney forcing the runner to the ground, and the play lost a yard.

Jenkins was also a force as a pass rusher. Jenkins collapsed the pocket setting up a Bryan Thomas sack at the beginning of the second half. He also beat Koppen for a sack of his own later in the third quarter.

The rest of the defensive line was kind of quiet. Shaun Ellis did a great job tracking down a scrambling Matt Cassel towards the right sideline and sacked him, but was called for a 15-yard facemask.

Kenyon Coleman did some good work against the run and finished with five tackles.

Mike DeVito had a QB pressure late in the third.


Calvin Pace made a lot happen, including stopping Lawrence Maroney around the line on his first carry. On the Pats second drive, Pace tipped a Matt Cassel pass, but Kevin Faulk caught it anyway. He had another tipped pass late in the fourth quarter, forcing the Pats to kick a field goal. Pace was called for roughing the pass in the middle of the fourth, but it was a bad call.

Bryan Thomas did a lot of good things, including being very active against the run, finishing with eight tackles. He beat Dave Thomas for a sack early in the third quarter, and he also hit Cassel as he was throwing causing a second quarter incompletion.

David Harris gets mixed reviews. He couldn't get off a blocker and Kevin Faulk ran by him for on a 22-yard catch-and-run in the third. He was late coming over to cover Dave Thomas on a 14-yard reception in the fourth. He did some good work against the run finishing with eight tackles. His best stop was when he stopped Sammy Morris on the line at the beginning of the third.

There was a big gap between Vernon Gholston and Kenyon Coleman on a Lamont Jordan gain of 11 late in the game.


The secondary did a great job holding Randy Moss to two catches.

But Wes Welker gave them problems.

I guess you have to pick your poison.

Drew Coleman was beat by Wes Welker on a crossing route for 18 yards on the first drive.

Darrelle Revis, usually a sure tackler, had two tackling issues on one drive. Revis didn't wrap up Sammy Morris on a third-and-two, on the first drive, and the runner gained three. And then on the next play, he missed a tackle on Welker on a gain of 26. Revis had a real nice PD in the middle of the fourth. He was beat by Moss downfield, but showed good recovery speed, to catch up, and knock down the pass.

Kerry Rhodes did some good work against the run. On the Pats first drive, he had two nice run stuffs on Faulk and then Maroney to force the Pats to kick a field goal. The second play was for a loss of one. In the second quarter, he stopped Morris for a loss of three.

David Barrett had a sack on a blitz early in the third to end a drive.

Eric Smith had two impressive plays. He stopped Morris for a loss of two late in the first half. In the first quarter, he had a superb tackle in the left flat on a short pass to Maroney that gained just three. He showed great will on the second play.

Special teams:

Not a good day for the special teamers.

Jay Feely's first field goal attempt as a Jet went wide right. His second field goal attempt was good from 21 yards in the second quarter.

Ben Graham struggled. He had a 29-yard punt in the second quarter, giving the Pats the ball on the Jets 48. In the third quarter, he had a low 38-yard punt that Kevin Faulk returned 24 yards, and the Pats turned it into a field goal. Graham's last punt was a good one, traveling 55 yards.

The return game was non-descript, but Steve Gostkowski's great kickoffs had a lot to do with that. As usual, Wallace Wright was a force on kick coverage.

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