The perfect punter to compete with Graham

If the Jets are looking for a punter to compete with Ben Graham, this cat might be able to help.

From what we hear, Glenn Pakulak had a terrific camp with the Raiders, but was cut for obvious reasons - Oakland already has a great punter in Shane Lechler.

"He really kicked the [expletive deleted] out of the ball in camp," said one source close to the Raiders.

And this dude has paid his dues.

He has been in various camps since 2003 (Seattle, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Tennessee and Oakland). He was also a star in NFL Europe and had a great career at Kentucky.

In NFL Europe, he had a 69-yard punt in World Bowl XIV for Amsterdam, so obviously he can kick under pressure.

He's also one of those punters that doesn't mind throwing his body around to make tackles, and that made him a fan favorite in Amsterdam.

This guy can absolutely punt in the NFL. He just needs a break. He's been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was in camp with the Raiders twice, and who on earth is going to beat out Lechler?

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