Q-and-A with Chansi Stuckey

Q)You and Brett Favre seemed to have really established a terrific chemistry . . .

Stuckey: It's great because of who Favre is and all the things he has done over the years. For him to come here and for me to catch my first two touchdowns from him has been great. I am trying to build a lot of trust with him.

Q)What has been the key to your good chemistry with Favre?

Stuckey: It's being in the right place at the right time. Favre does a great job of improvising and finding people.

Q)How much does Favre improvise?

Stuckey: A lot. Most guys when receivers aren't open they sit there and wait for them to come open, but Favre seems to always do the right thing. He always scrambles to the right side or just avoids a tackler. He does the right thing at the right time.

Q)What do you expect from Favre on Monday night?

Stuckey: I think he will do his thing. The more comfortable he gets with us and with the offense he will start letting loose and really feel comfortable behind center.

Q)Did you ever imagine catching touchdowns from Favre?

Stuckey: I envision myself catching touchdown passes. You have to envision yourself doing that, but I never imagined it would be from Favre. It was kind of surreal when he came here. We have a chance to do something special with a really great quarterback. I never thought about it.

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