Mangini on Favre and Jenkins

Q)Eric, what is the status of Kris Jenkins (back) and Brett Favre (ankle)?

Mangini: They are both meeting for rehab today and we will see where we are at tomorrow.

Q)Is Favre's consecutive starts streak in danger?

Mangini: Honestly, he's going to come in for rehab today. We got back at 7:30, 8:00 this morning. He had some (rehab) at that point. There will be some more later today. Brett usually plays, and I would anticipate the same.

Q)Do you have any more information on Jenkins' condition?

Mangini: No, it's really the same situation and there were times last night where we thought Kris could come back in. It just didn't quite get to the point where we were ready to do that. He was close throughout course of the game and so I'm hoping that with time and treatment that will move along well.

Q)Is Favre's status based on him being a legendary tough guy or knowing that it may not be that serious of an injury?

Mangini: I think it's elements of both. I will definitely know more this evening. I would say elements of both are why I feel comfortable saying that.

Q)You don't seem overly concerned about the prospect of Favre not playing…

Mangini: No, it just understanding him and I think that we have a good plan in place. I feel pretty comfortable with the process and I know that if there's anyway that he can play, he'll definitely play.

Q)Did Favre have an MRI on his ankle today?

They go through a couple different tests, each guy that gets banged up, I'm not sure on the exact process.

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