Tale of the Tape

Here's the breakdown from the hard-fought, but devastating loss to the Raiders on Monday night.



It was a quiet passing game early for Chad Pennington. The first pass of note was in the middle of the second quarter when Pennington hit Laveranues Coles on the sideline for 18.

Santana Moss beat CB Charles Woodson down the sideline into the end zone, but Pennington over threw him in the second quarter.

Pennington's ball skills are amazing. He had a great play-action fake, and then rolled out and hit Jerald Sowell for a touchdown at the two-minute warning. He faked a reverse to Kevin Swayne to the left that the Raiders bought, and hit Lamont Jordan for a 12-yard screen.

Pennington made a heads up move as he was about to be sacked by nickel back Terence Shaw in the third quarter. He was able to hit Curtis Martin before going down, and this shortened John Hall's field goal from 53 yards down to 46.

Pennington was picked off on the last pass of the game by Rod Woodson on the nine yard line, forcing you to wonder why the pass wasn't thrown into the end zone.


Running Back:


A quiet night for Curtis Martin against a top shelf Raider run defense.

His best carry was when he broke the tackle of LB Eric Barton, turning a three-yard run into an 11-yard gain on the Jets' final drive of the first half.

Martin had two nice gains of six on back-to-back plays in the third.

Lamont Jordan had a 12-yard catch in the first half and he was injured on a six-yard reception in the fourth quarter.

Jerald Sowell caught a six-yard touchdown pass.


Wide Receiver:


Standout games for Wayne Chrebet and Laveranues Coles.

Chrebet beat CB Terence Shaw on a crossing route for a gain of 37 at the end of the half. A few plays later, he drew a pass interference call on CB Charles Woodson. Chrebet got behind Rod Woodson for a 13- yard touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Coles beat CB Tory James for a gain of 14 on the Jets second quarter scoring drive, and had a big-time catch in the third quarter, grabbing a ball over the middle and holding on after getting crushed by James. Coles had three key catches on the Jets fourth quarter drive, including a 26 yarder when he got behind James. He also had a key sliding catch for 12 yards on the last drive. Coles led all receivers with 10 catches for 158 yards.


Offensive Line:


The offensive line had a decent game. The run blocking was inconsistent, but Chad Pennington had plenty of time to throw for the most part.

Randy Thomas had a great block on LB Bill Romanowski on Curtis Martin's gain of nine on the second drive. Thomas also gave up a sack to Rod Coleman on the last drive.

Kevin Mawae had a nice block on his former Seattle teammate DT Sam Adams on a Martin gain of six up the middle in the third.

Kareem McKenzie did a superb job shutting down DE Trace Armstrong.

J.P. Machado missed a block on DT John Parrella for a screen to Martin on the second play of the game for no gain.



Defensive Line:


Shaun Ellis had a tremendous game. He had a sack on the Raiders first drive, and showed great hustle when he tracked down QB Rich Gannon from behind for a gain of one, which forced a second quarter punt. Ellis stopped RB Charlie Garner on a quick pitch at the end of the first half on the line, and stopped RB Tyrone Wheatley on the line in the fourth quarter. Ellis blocked a pass on the line, forcing the Raiders to kick a fourth quarter field goal.

Jason Ferguson stopped Garner for no gain on the Raiders third drive. Ferguson had a second quarter sack on Gannon for a loss of 11.

James Reed snuffed out a reverse to WR Jerry Rice in the first quarter, and the play went for no gain

Josh Evans drew a holding penalty on Frank Middleton, and stopped Garner on the line on the Raiders last drive.

John Abraham had a sack on the Raiders first drive of the second half, showing great hustle by tracking down Gannon as he was trying to run out of bounds.




The linebackers had a decent game.

Sam Cowart led the group with 10 tackles. Cowart had a tremendous run stuff on RB Tyrone Wheatley for a loss of four. He was called for a 15-yard facemask penalty on RB Charlie Garner on the Raiders first drive. On the Raiders second drive, Cowart was beat by TE Doug Jolley for a gain of 16. Cowart missed a tackle on Jolley on his gain of 19 on the first drive of the second half. Mo Lewis broke up a pass to WR Jerry Rice over the middle in the second quarter. On the next play Marvin Jones showed great hustle stopping Wheatley on a sweep for a gain of three.

James Darling had a sack to end a third quarter drive and had a facemask on Rice in the fourth.




Even though QB Rich Gannon passed for 342 yards, the secondary did not play a bad game.

The Jets had great coverage on back-to-back plays at the end of the first drive. Gannon had a lot of time but had no one open, and the Raiders were forced to kick a field goal.

On the Raiders second drive, the excellent pass defense continued. Aside from a 17-yard completion where WR Jerry Porter got good position in front of Aaron Beasley, they stifled the Raiders. Donnie Abraham had a diving breakup on a pass to Rice. The drive ended with a tremendous play by Beasley, diving to breakup up an out route to RB Charley Garner. Beasley crushed WR Tim Brown in the third quarter to break up a long completion, and had a nice open field tackle on Garner in the flat in the fourth

Brown got behind Jon McGraw for a gain of 20 in the second quarter, and found a hole in the zone later in the quarter for another 20-yard pickup. Rice beat McGraw for a 26-yard TD in the third quarter when McGraw missed a tackle on the play.

TE Roland Williams jumped over a tackle attempt by Abraham on his gain of 17 on the first play of the second half.


Special Teams:


The special teams were inconsistent.

Chad Morton returned a second quarter kick off 58 yards. The key block on the play was from Jerald Sowell, who made a crushing hit at the beginning of the return. Chris Baker also had a key block.

Santana Moss left the game with a sprained ankle, and Morton fumbled a third quarter punt in his place.

Moss had a nifty second quarter punt return, which was the play he turned his ankle on.

Jason Glenn had an excellent open field stop on a second quarter punt return by CB Charles Woodson. It was a great punt by Matt Turk on the play out of his own end zone for 53 yards.

The Jets had a second quarter field goal blocked by S Rod Woodson, who went untouched.

Nick Ferguson was called for an illegal block in the back to bring back a long Morton return in the third.




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