Looking at the Films - Part II

Here is Part II of "Looking at the Films," from the Jets-Cardinals game. In this installment, we look at the defense and special teams.

Defensive Line:

The defensive line had their moments, but was inconsistent.

Kris Jenkins was a force in first half. He stopped Ed James around on the line on the RB's first carry, and then did the same on his first carry of the Cards third possession. And then a few plays later, we witnessed something awfully impressive. On the Darrelle Revis Pick Six, the Cards had not one, not two, but three players blocking Jenkins. On the Eric Smith pick, he actually caused it by pushing C Lyle Sendlein back into the quarterback. But in the second half Jenkins wasn't as effective. It looked like his back might have tightened up on him again. On the Cards second touchdown, a James TD run, Jenkins was actually pancaked by guard Duece Lutui, and then got pushed back on the two point conversion that followed, another James run. These plays point to the fact that his back had to be bothering him.

It seemed like the entire Jets DL was on the ground on Tim Hightower's TD late third.

Shaun Ellis beat RT Levi Brown (who had an awful game) for a sack that caused a fumble (the Cards recovered) on Arizona's first drive.

A Kenyon Coleman QB pressure in the first quarter forced an intentional grounding call. He also had a nice stop on Hightower around the line in the second quarter.

Mike DeVito was pushed out of the play creating a hole on a James gain of six early in the second quarter.

Latui got the best of C.J. Mosley on a James TD run early in the third.


The linebackers had a solid game.

Bryan Thomas was very active. He beat RT Levi Brown for a third quarter sack. He also stopped RB Tim Hightower on the line in the middle of the second quarter.

Eric Barton was active against the run like when he stopped Hightower on the line early in the second quarter. Calvin Pace torched Brown for a sack and fumble that David Harris recovered. He got off the ball like Usain Bolt on this play. David Bowens also took advantage of a struggling Brown when he beat the RT to cause a Warner fumble late in the first half. Bowens recovered and the Jets turned it into a field goal. Bowens also had a late sack that caused a fumble that was recovered by Pace. The linebackers had some issues in coverage. Somebody left Ed James wide open in the right flat for a pass that gained 16 on the Cards first possession. Secondary:

Kurt Warner passed for 472 yards, so obviously the secondary had a shaky game.

Dwight Lowery was beat on a crossing route by Larry Fitzgerald for 16 yards on Warner's first pass. A few plays later, Boldin beat the Jets down the seam for 23 yards, and Lowery seemed a little late coming over. Lowery was called for pass interference on Stevie Breaston early in the third quarter, but bounced back a few plays later to have a PD on a pass to that receiver. Another nice play from Lowery was early third when he nailed Anquan Boldin on a screen that gained just one yard. Early in the fourth, Boldin took a quick hitch and dragged Lowery into the end zone.

A Kerry Rhodes blitz early in the second quarter caused a Kurt Warner incompletion. He nailed Warner as he was throwing. He also had a big time hit on Ed James on a run up the middle early in the game. Rhodes had a terrific PD on Fitzgerald on an out route in the middle of the third. Rhodes gave up a 15 yard reception to Breaston in the middle of the third.

Darrelle Revis had a Pick Six in the second quarter. He looked like he did his homework on this route in his film study because he jumped on it perfectly. Breaston was wide open late for 37 yards in back of Revis, who seemed to be looking for safety help.

Drew Coleman was penalized for a late hit on Fitzgerald out of bounds.

David Barrett was late coming over on Jereme Urban's late touchdown.

Special Teams:

Kris Jenkins blocked a field goal.

Wallace Wright was a maniac on special teams with three tackle. But he also was called for a roughing the kicker penalty.

Kenyon Coleman tipped a two point conversion attempt in the third quarter.

Jets gave up on successful onside kick that the Cards recovered.

Kenyon Coleman tipped a two point conversion attempt in the third.

Ben Graham did a decent job punting with two punts that registered a 43 yard net.

Jay Feely made two short field goals, and missed a 44-yarder


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