Westhoff feeling great

Mike Westhoff new left leg is a miracle. He is feeling great. Westhoff has had a history of issues with his left leg since having bone cancer 22 years ago. He's had a myriad of operations, but the latest one seems to have finally solved the problem.

"Most of my femur is now titanium," said the Jets special team's coach. "It's changed my whole life. I'm walking almost perfect now. I won't be using the cane shortly. I hope to play golf. It's the best thing I've ever done."

The operation at Sloan-Kettering was complex to say the least.

"It was a 10 hour surgery," said Westhoff. "It's very complex carpentry inside my leg. If you saw the x-rays, you wouldn't believe it."

From a special team's standpoint, what happened with Ben Graham and why was he released?

"There is a lack of consistenty that Ben had that was tough to deal with," said Westhoff. "He is line driving the ball. We can't keep doing that."

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