Olbermann makes fun of concussed Edwards

There is nothing funny about concussions. Just ask Wayne Chrebet or Al Toon. But NBC's Keith Olbermann clearly doesn't understand the severity of this condition.

He made fun of Buffalo QB Trent Edwards on Sunday, who was knocked out of the Bills-Cardinals game with a head injury.

Edwards was leveled by Arizona safety Adrian Wilson, early in the Bills loss to the Cardinals. He suffered a severe concussion and had to leave the game.

While reading video over a shot of a disoriented Edwards, Olbermann joked that the quarterback was thinking, "I can see Russia from here."

That was some kind of shot at Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin as well.

But sticking to football, it seems totally inappropriate to make light of an NFL player with a serious head injury.

It will be interesting to see how the Buffalo Bills organization responds to the insensitive, flippant remark by Olbermann about their young QB.

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