5 Questions with Chad Pennington

The Jets' signal caller spoke about the tight AFC race, and moving on from Monday's tough loss.

Q: How do you put Monday night behind you and look forward to Denver?


Pennington: It's behind us. We don't have a choice but to look ahead now. We've got four games left, [and] we're very much in this race. We're not out of it by no means. I expect us to bounce back fully and recover, and play a good game on Sunday.


Q: Is the mentality that you have to win the last four games, or is it still one game at a time?


Pennington: It's one game at a time. That's the only way you're going to win the last four games. We can't overlook anybody, [and] we have no room for error. It's been this way since we were two and five, so nothing's changed for us really.


Q: What did you learn from that last drive in Oakland?


Pennington: Well, obviously that you can't take a sack in that situation with no timeouts. With no timeouts, the clock is the most important asset, [and] you always have to protect the clock and always give yourself a chance to win in the end. We did that, in certain circumstances, but I have to do a better job of managing that.


Q: What happened on the last play of the game, when you didn't reach the end zone on the Hail Mary?


Pennington: It wasn't a Hail Mary. It was a designed play, and I didn't get it orchestrated right for it to work. I'm not going to go into the details of it, but it's a play that's designed for situations like that. A lot of times, in those situations when teams are really guarding against passes thrown into the end zone, sometimes you can catch a pass underneath and squirt through. Obviously it takes somebody breaking a tackle, but your chances are just as good, especially if you get the ball into the hands of one of your best ball carriers or runners. That's what we were trying to do, and it just didn't get orchestrated right.


Q: Do you do any scoreboard watching not that the race is so tight?


Pennington: No. All I know is that there are a lot of teams bunched up in the AFC, and this playoff race is definitely not over. The good thing about our situation is that we control our own destiny. I know that 10-6 will get us in. There's a lot of big games still left to be played by a lot of teams, and we have four big games ahead of us. This is what it's all about. This is crunch time. It puts a smile on your face because you know only your best effort is going to get it done.

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