Bengal Insider Goheen on Ryan Fitzpatrick

Here is the skinny on Bengal QB Ryan Fitzpatrick from Kevin Goheen, who has been covering the team for quite some time.

"As far as Fitzpatrick goes, he's a completely different from Palmer in that he will make more plays with his feet. He's not afraid to tuck the ball in and run instead of sitting in the pocket. He's got a better arm than one might think but in his start against the Browns he tried to make a couple of throws he shouldn't have and didn't set himself well before throwing the ball on those occasions.

"One thing that will benefit him is that he has taken most of the Wed/Thur reps the last two weeks so he should be more comfortable.

"The kid has got some moxy and spunk but with Palmer I thought the Bengals had a shot at this game -- one of those games where you know they're not going to go winless forever and they end up winning -- but Fitzpatrick isn't going to go out and win a game by himself.

"Teams are doubling Chad and TJ and betting no one else is going to beat them.

"The Bengals aren't the Patriots, who can surround Matt Cassell with a defense, good OL, etc... If Favre doesn't throw the ball to the wrong people the Jets should win... The Bengals defense has been OK but has been apt to give up the big play. They've already given up four TD's of 33 yards or more, plus a 51-yard run by Chris Johnson of Tennessee late in the first half of that game that led to the go-ahead TD."

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