Five questions with Brian Griese

The Broncos QB talks about the Jets and what his team has to do to win Sunday.

Are you excited to face the Jets?


I can't wait to get on that field Sunday and help this team get back on track.  It has been pretty frustrating the past two weeks to watch our team lose in overtime by two FG's.  I know myself and Shannon are both looking forward to getting back and playing. 


What did the Jets show you Monday night?

I thought they played well.  It is hard to go into OAK and play on Monday Night especially.  But I thought their defense did a good job of containing that offense.  And the Jets offense did a good job of keeping them in the game.  They had a chance to win in the end, they just came up a little bit short. 


What have you seen from their pass rush—do they change things up a lot, or stay the same stuff?


I think they do a good job of changing things up.  They have some experience at the S position.  So I think that we are going to see a bunch of different coverages, but at the same time, I think that once they start to do something during the game, they usually stick with it.  It has been pretty successful for them as the year has gone on. 


Do you feel as though your backs are against the wall—playing with "anxiety" as the Jets feel now?


I think that the NFL is like that now.  Every team in the AFC that has a chance to get to the playoffs has to play that way.  And every week really does mean do or de for a lot of teams.  As you get into December, that is magnified even more so it puts more emphasis on this game on Sunday between us and the Jets. 


What do you think you will bring to the game on Sunday?


I hope I'll bring a little spark to our offense, and hopefully we can be better on third downs.  That is a big area of work that we need to get better at.  We were not good enough last week to win, and that is a big area that I intend to help with.  



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