Looking at the Films - Part I

Here is Part I of "Looking at the Films" from the Jets-Raiders game -


Brett Favre had a rough game, finishing with a 47.9 quarterback rating. He got off to a decent start – dinking and dunking his way down the field leading the Jets to a field goal. The Jets had a good plan on this drive – stay away from the Raiders two lockdown corners and feature Chris Baker. C-Bake caught four passes on this drive.

Then there was a lot of shaky play for the majority of the game.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Favre led the Jets are a short drive (after a Raider penalty on a punt got them the ball back on their own 48). But he made a poor a decision at the end of this drive that might have cost the Jets later. It was third-and-eight on the eight, and he forced a pass to Jerricho Cotchery in the end zone that was picked off by Gibril Wilson. Why, in a game that had the earmarks of a low-scoring defensive battle, would you force a high-risk pass in the end zone, when you are in chip-shot field goal range? Considering the final score, this was a big mistake.

Nothing of note from #4 until the late field goal drive that tied the game at 13. His best play on this drive was a 31-yard strike to Chansi Stuckey.

In the middle of the fourth, Farvre threw a deep pass to Jerricho Cothcery, but Cotchery stopped the route in the middle. Without knowing the play-call, we don't know whose fault this was.

In the overtime, Favre threw an ill-advised pass to Dustin Keller right into the hands of safety Michael Huff, who dropped it.

But also give the Raiders defense credit for Favre's inconsistency. They played put a lot of pressure on him, and they also have two lock down corners. That can be a lethal combination.

Offensive Line:

While Brett Favre was hit quite a bit, it's hard to blame the offensive line, aside from a couple of plays by Damien Woody.

As we keep repeating, the Raiders have a terrific cornerback tandem – probably the best in the league. They can cover receivers one-on-one with no help, so this allows the Rob Ryan to send more blitzers. It also allows the pass rushers extra time to get to the quarterback.

The only two glaring examples of plays were linemen were just beat off the ball for sacks were both by Woody, who was beat on inside moves twice by rookie defensive end Trevor Scott, out of SUNY-Buffalo. We have to cut Woody slack on the second sack because he was playing hurt.

The run blocking by the offensive line was outstanding!

Nick Mangold had a really good game. On a Thomas Jones gain of 31 in the third quarter, Mangold had a great block on Gerard Warren. On a Brad Smith reverse for 14 yards late in the third, Mangold had the key block on the play by locking Terdell Sands. Another nice block by Mangold was on a Jones gain of 10 in overtime.

Brandon Moore had a terrific outing as well. He led the way on a Jones gain of 13 early second quarter off right tackle. Moore also paved the way on a Jones gain of 20 up the middle late in the first half.

Alan Faneca did some good things, but he was also called for two penalties (holding and off-sides). Faneca stoned Kirk Morrison on a Jones gain of nine early the fourth.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson had a false start in the second quarter, but also did some good things like when he led the way on a Brad Smith reverse for 14 yards. Brick got way down field in the left flat to help pave the way.

Running Back:

Thomas Jones was superb, finishing with 159 yards against a team that isn't that easy to run against. He had so many good runs, we aren't going to document all of them. He ran hard, showed a good burst, and it's time for his critics to chill out.

On Jones' best run, a gain of 31 yards, Tony Richardson had a great lead block to get the run started.

Leon Washington's best run was on his fourth quarter TD run. He broke two tackles on this play – Gibril Wilson in the backfield, and then Trevor Scott in the middle of the run.

Wide Receiver:

The Raiders two lockdown corners made life miserable for Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery. The both had issues getting open again this elite pair. J-Co finished the game with just one catch for zero yards. Coles managed a hard-fought four catches.

The Jets best results in the passing game was when they stayed away from that awesome cornerback combo, and looked to targets away from them like Brad Smith and Chansis Stuckey.

Smith might have had his best game as a Jet. He had four catches, including a huge 18-yarder on the game-timing drive late. He also did a really good job on reverses and rushes with four carries for 59 yards. Smith had a key direct snap rush for five yards on a key third down play in the fourth.

Stuckey had an outstanding play on the game-tying drive late with a terrific catch-and-run for 31 yards.

Maybe it's time for the Jets to stop worrying about appeasing certain people, and feature Smith and Stuckey in some games.

Tight end:

The Jets had a great plan on the first drive- feature Chris Baker on the linebackers – and stay away from DeAngelo Hall and Nmandi Asomugha. Baker had four catches on this drive which resulted in a field goal.

In overtime, Baker had a chance to make a catch down field that could have helped the Jets get into field goal range, but he fell down. Honestly, we don't think a player should be criticized for slipping. It happens.

Bubba Franks had a false start at the end of the first quarter, and then came out of the game with what looked like a groin injury. It looked somewhat serious.

Dustin Keller beat Gibril Wilson for a six-yard reception on third-and five in the second quarter.

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