Mike Shanahan on the Jets

The Broncos' head coach spoke to the New York media this week about facing the Jets.

What have the Jets shown you on film from Monday night?


I thought that the Jets played extremely well except for that turnover, that was unfortunate, and Moss going down, that they didn't find a way to win that game.  But they played extremely well on both sides of the football.   


What are your thoughts on Chad Pennington?


I think he has been unbelievable.  Since he has been a starter I think they have averaged close to 29 points a game.  Obviously, he is at 70%, two to one TD's to INT—you don't get much better than that.  Especially starting out in the NFL.  You get a good supporting cast, but he is playing extremely well.


What did the Jets pass rush show you against the Raiders?  Do you think they will show you the same thing?


I think they give the same approach to everybody.  They didn't do anything different, they just played good solid defense and they've got a lot of playmakers back there on defense.  Not just their secondary, but their LB's and their defense up front.  They are a team that doesn't give up the big play, the four preceding games to the Raiders they hadn't given up over 280 yards.  That is pretty impressive, when you can hold teams to under 280 in the NFL.  In the last seven games, they have given up an average of 15 points a game.  If you do that, you are one of the top defenses in the NFL.  That is the way they are playing right now.


What are your feelings regarding the play that Schottenheimer was upset about—he thought it was a dirty play.


I thought it was too.  We had him come into the office and ask him what he was thinking, and if you take a look at the play, Clinton Portis was right at the sideline, he was starting to cut back inside, and he thought the lineman was going to turn.  And I really didn't understand it until I listened to it from his perspective—what he was thinking.  It is obviously very unfortunate—what happened.  And he tried to call up Jamal and apologize to him.  Things like that do happen on accident—it was totally an accident.  It wasn't done maliciously at all.  Poor Steve feels horrible about it as well as I do.  But to explain at least what he was thinking, it made some sense to me, but obviously the bottom line is, he is hurt and there is not a lot we can do about it right now.  We are sorry about it.


Do the complaints about your team's blocking techniques bother you?  Are they just getting old?


Any time there is a blocking technique that is not legal, it is a fine by the NFL.  You can't do anything nowadays that is illegal.  The only thing people complain about our blocking techniques is when you win a couple of Super Bowls. Next year we had a bad year, nobody complained and the next year when we were running the ball again, everybody started complaining.  So that is the nature of the process, but what happened in the SD game against Williams is something that is very unfortunate, cannot be tolerated in the NFL.  I was embarrassed enough to talk to our lineman.  I asked him what he thought.  But you can't do anything now but apologize and go on.  He'll be fined for it, and he feels worse than anybody about it. 












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