Favre won't comment until Wednesday

According to one of Jay Glazer's friends with the Detroit Lions, Brett Favre helped the team prepare for their recent game with Green Bay.

Favre hasn't commented publicly on this allegation, and won't until tommorrow.

"Favre will be available during his normal Wednesday press conference," said Jets spokesman Bruce Speight.

If this story is true, somebody with Detroit (or formerly with them), absolutely stabbed Favre in the back by telling Glazer this anecdote.

You have to wonder if the team's former GM Matt Millen was the source. He is good friends with Glazer. In fact, if you read Glazer's story, you would think Millen would be the lead suspect.

And Favre if guilty of what Glazer is accusing him of, he isn't the first guy to do this in the NFL. It's very common.

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