Looking at the Films Part II

Here is Part II of "Looking at the Films" from the Jets-Raiders game.

Defensive Line:

Shaun Ellis made a lot happen. He pushed Cornell Green back into Justin Fargas, knocking the runner down, to end the first drive. He also had a sack to end the first half. An Ellis pressure early in the third forced Russell to throw it out of bounds. Ellis was flagged for a facemask penalty in the second.

Kris Jenkins had a pair of nice run stops. He shot into the backfield to stop Fargas late in the first quarter. He also had a nice shed-and-stop of Fargas around the line in the third quarter.

Kenyon Coleman beat Kwame Harris and the tackle pulled him down from behind, to save the quarterback, and drew a penalty, in the first quarter. On the next series, Coleman stopped Fargas on the line.

Mike DeVito didn't do a good job holding his ground on a Darren McFadden 15-yard run in the first quarter. He got pushed back and out of the play by Green.

The Jets front got pushed around on a Fargas gain of seventeen at the start of the second half. The Jets linebackers got manhandled by guards on a McFadden gain of 13 early in the third. The D-Line didn't protect them well on this play.


The linebackers had an average game. They had no sacks against a Raider offensive line that is a middle- of-the-pack unit.

Now, in all fairness to Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas, both were playing hurt. Pace with a toe and Thomas with a calf. These ailments might have slowed them down.

Also, while Pace didn't have any sacks, he clearly had Raiders left tackle Kwame Harris intimidated. How many times did that cat jump off-sides? And a Pace QB pressure led to a JaMarcus Russell fumble. Pace also stopped Darren McFadden on the line off right tackle late in the first half.

Thomas pushed Zach Miller back into Justin Fargas in OT allowing Pace to stop the runner for a loss of five.

The Jets linebackers had issues covering Miller. He was wide open for a TD in the first quarter that was called back by a penalty. Harris got behind David Harris for a big gain in overtime to set up the game-winning field goal. But before we blame Harris for this play, it looked like he was looking for safety help on the play from Abram Elam. The bottom line is that Miller found a hole in the zone between them.

Harris stopped Fargas in the backfield for a loss to get the Jets the ball back late in the fourth.

An Eric Barton PD on Ashley Lelie in the fourth ended a Raider drive.

Defensive Backs:

You can't let a young QB like JaMarcus Russell, who is learning on the job, throw for 203 yards.

Dwight Lowery was beat by Javon Walker for a gain of 16 on the left side in the second quarter. Lowery seemed to be the culprit on Walker's third quarter TD.

Darrelle Revis had a nice PD on Chaz Schillens on the goalline late in the first half.

David Barrett had an impressive PD on a deep pass to Zach Miller late first half.

Eric Smith slipped and couldn't help Lowery on a Walker gain of 27 early in the fourth. Lowery was definitely looking for safety help on this play.

Abe Elam was called for a facemask on long catch-and-run by Darren McFadden on a Raider FG drive in the fourth.

Special Teams:

Reggie Hodges is still a work-in-progress, but he had a decent game. Three of his seven punts were inside the 20. He also did a good job holding for Jay Feely.

A funky Shane Lechler punt, with a weird spin, by design, contributed to a Leon Washington fumble in the first.

Eric Smith saved a potential TD on a long Johnny Lee Higgins punt return in the third.

Ahmad Carroll nailed Tyvon Branch on a fourth quarter return causing a fumble. Carroll had an Illegal block in the back in overtime.

Jon Alston executed a succesful fake field goal in the fourth quarter. When you have an up-back, like Alston, who runs 4.4, you better beware of the fake at all times.

Jay Feely made 40 and 52 yard field goals.

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