Favre's side of the story

Last Sunday, Fox's Jay Glazer accused Brett Favre of helping the Lions prepare for their recent game with Green Bay. Favre's side of the story is different.

Favre says that former Lions President Matt Millen, whow as still running the team at the timn, called him to see if he wanted to come to Pennsylvania and go hunting. Millen lives in Bethlehem, an hour from Florham Park.

And then after talking about hunting for a few minutes, Millen started to ask Favre questions about the Packers, the team the Lions were playing that week.

Favre says the phone call last about 15-20 minutes and that was it. The Glazer report said that Favre talked to the Lion's coaches, and Favre categorically denied that. He said he just talked to Millen.

Favre says it's possible that Millen might have put him on a speaker phone so coaches could hear the conversation.

So Millen was clearly Glazer's source for this story.

And Millen clearly stabbed his friend Favre in the back.

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