What happened to let Favre be Favre?

Remember after the Jets loss to New England, there were a few reporters who wrote, "the Jets need to let Favre be Favre." What is their take on things now?

Favre has thrown five interceptions in the last two games, and it should have seven (see Michael Huff and Derrick Johnson).

Now the refrain you hear the most is that the Jets need to run the ball more.

Which one is it going to be people - "Let Favre be Favre," or the Jets need to be a running team?

Obviously the answer is balance.

The people who wrote let "Favre be Favre" after Week Two were misguided. He barely knew the offense.

To let him just fling with ball all over the field, when he was uncomfortable with the system and his receivers, made little sense?

And he's still not entirely comfortable. Two weeks in a row, Favre threw deep to Jerricho Cotchery, who cut the route off in the middle. A prime example of two players still working to get on the same page.

Favre is still a work-in-progress with his new team, and he still doesn't know the offense 100 percent.

That isn't an excuse, it's a fact.

And last time I checked, the Jets won on Sunday. This isn't gymnastics. There aren't style points. The team with the most points on Sunday wins.

It was shocking to see how much the Jets were slammed on Monday in the newspapers and by studio snipers (who never show their faces in the locker room).

This is a crazy, unpredictable league in 2008. Upsets and close games (that theoretically shouldn't be) happen every week. Get used to it.

All those cats that wrote let "Favre be Favre" in September stand up and be counted.

Once you are done writing articles saying the Jets need to run the ball more.

And one last thing. Aside from still getting comfortable with Gang Green, I think something else that has impacted Favre's play the last two weeks was getting slandered in that story regarding him helping the Detroit Lions. The story clearly had holes in it.

Does anybody really believe that Favre spent an hour on the phone with the Lions coaches telling them how to beat the Packers?

Spare me.

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