Favre responds to Glazer standing by story

Q)Glazer stands by his story 1,000 percent. He believes that you talked to the Lions' coaches for one hour - he stands by that . . .

Favre: Great. Let him stand by that. I have the Buffalo Bills to worry about this week. I didn't call the Lions. I will say that again. He can stand by whatever he wants.

Q)Did you speak to the coaches at all?

Favre: I don't know who was in the room, I have no idea.

Q)So there was no one hour with the coaches that you're aware of?

Favre: No.

Q)Has Matt Millen apologized to you?

Favre: No. I don't think he owes me an apology. I don't think anything was done wrong. I talked to Matt last week or whenever all that came out and nothing was wrong. Nothing was done illegally. He doesn't have to apologize to me.

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