More on politics from Bills QB Trent Edwards

On Wednesday, Bills QB Trent Edwards endorsed Barack Obama for President. Here are some of his thoughts.

Q)So who are you voting for?

Edwards: I'll be voting for Barack (Obama). The reason is I think that a change needs to be made and that's the biggest change out of the two candidates. Besides that, I haven't really been following it too closely in terms of their issues, their policies and what they differ on. I just feel like he's the most different from the one we have in power right now. Hopefully, he'll get elected.

Q)Is the locker room divided on this issue?

Edwards: I think it's kind of divided, actually. We have a lot of different guys from a lot of different areas of the country who went to a lot of different schools with a lot of different views on politics and religion. I would say it's pretty divided right now. It's pretty even.

Q)Barack has said he believes in spreading the wealth - do you share that view?

Edwards: I guess so, but I wouldn't go that far. I think he's probably the best out of the two candidates and I won't even get into the Vice President candidates, either. I'll stick with Barack for just the reason that he's the best out of the two right now, for me.

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