Marketing man set up Vernon/LT meeting

Lawrence Taylor recently tutored Vernon Gholston. It was set up by a marketing man Mark Lepselter who represents both players according to Jay Glazer.

"It was interesting to see because Lawrence doesn't do this," said Lepselter. "Lawrence came in, sized him up and took an immediate liking to the kid. And Lawrence, you know him, he was classic. At one point Gholston asked LT how long it took him to really pick up the 3-4 his rookie year. In classic LT fashion he said, 'about two or three hours.'"

Eric Mangini said on Sunday that he knew nothing about this meeting. And you have to wonder how Mangini and linebacker coach Jim Hermann feel about this. Their prized pupil is being coached by an outside source without their knowledge.

And since it was set up by a marketing man, is it possible this was a publicity stunt on some level?

We will see over time if the tutorials from LT will help.

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