Looking at the Films - Part II

Here is Part II of "Looking at the Films" from the Jets-Buffalo game.

Defensive Line:

Outstanding game for the defensive line - they were dominant. The Bills had two starters out on the offensive line (C Mel Fowler and RG Brad Butler), and the Jets took advantage of the backups.

Kenyon Coleman got things off to a good start when he stopped Marshawn Lynch on the line on his first carry. Coleman also combined with Kris Jenkins to stop Fred Jackson on the line in the middle of the third.

On the Bills first drive, Shaun Ellis blew by Langston Walker for a QB pressure, but there was pass interference on Dwight Lowery on this play. But it was still a terrific play by Ellis nonetheless. Early in the fourth quarter, Ellis flew into the backfield, blowing up a passing play, and forcing Trent Edwards into the arms of C.J. Mosley. Ellis and Mosley shared this sack.

Kris Jenkins did a lot of good things. Jenkins did a good job seeing an illegal snap and jumping across the line leading to a penalty on Duke Preston late in the first. Then two plays later, he blew by Darnell Dockett and hit Edwards as he threw, contributing to a Pick Six by Abram Elam. Jenkins steamrolled Jason Whittle to sack Edwards early in the fourth quarter.

Sione Pouha tipped a pass early in the third quarter.

Late in the first quarter, Mike DeVito blew up Marshawn Lynch in the backfield on a loss of one.

In the middle of the second quarter, the defensive line did a great job on a fourth-and-one stop.


It's hard to say who was responsible for Marshawn Lynch, as a receiver out of the backfield on the Bills first play, but he was wide open on the short right side and ran for 42 yards.

Covering tight ends continues to be a problem for the Jets.

David Bowens filled in for the injury Davis Harris, and had mixed results. Bowens sometimes struggles in coverage because playing in space isn't his strength. Derek Fine got behind and was wide open on his nine-yard first quarter TD. Bowens seemed to take a misstep on this play, and he doesn't have the recovery speed to make up for that. Robert Royal got behind Bowens for a gain of 21 early in the fourth. D-Bo sacked a scrambling Edwards early in the second quarter.

Eric Barton was very active in run support and led the team with eight tackles. One of his more impressive stops was when he tackled Fred Jackson on the line early in the second. Fine beat Barton for a gain of 20 on the left side late in the third.

Bryan Thomas also did some nice work against the run. He did a great job stringing out Marshawn Lynch off right tackle and forced him into the arms of Darrelle Revis for a loss of one late in the first quarter. Also late first, he stopped Lynch for a loss of one. A BT pressure led to a Kris Jenkins sack late in the third. Thomas had an unnecessary roughness penalty in the middle of the first quarter.

Defensive Backs:

Darrelle Revis had an excellent game. On the Bills second drive, he crushed Trent Edwards on a frontside blitz, forcing a fumble that he recovered. Revis also had a pick late in the game, positioning himself perfectly on an end zone fade to 6-6 James Hardy. The only shaky play by Revis was a 19-yard gain by Lee Evans in the second quarter. Kerry Rhodes also was in the area.

Early in the fourth quarter, Rhodes had an impressive PD on Evans downfield.

Dwight Lowery was inconsistent. He was called for pass interference on Roscoe Parrish on the first drive, though it didn't seem like a great call. He was beat by Robert Royal for a gain of seven on third-and-three in the second quarter. He had a strip of Lee Evans late in the game, but the Bills recovered.

Drew Coleman had some issues with Parrish, including a gain of 22 yards late in the first quarter, and then a gain of 21 in the middle of the third. Coleman's butt had a PD to end a third quarter drive.

Abram Elam had two impressive plays in a row late in the first quarter. First he had a PD in the right flat on Royal. Then on the next play he had a 92-yard Pick Six.

Hank Poteat stopped Fred Jackson on the line early in the second quarter.

David Barrett had a near pick early in the fourth quarter.

The Jets whole secondary had very good coverage in the end zone on third-and-one in the middle of the second. Edwards had to throw it away.

Special Teams:

A solid game for the specialists.

The wedge did a great job on Leon Washington's opening kickoff that went for 40 yards. Washington made a brilliant decision using an obscure rule on out of bounds kickoffs late in the third quarter. By keeping one foot out of bounds on a ball that is actually in bounds, it makes the ball out of bounds, and the Jets got the ball at the 40.

Jay Feely made four of five field goals.

Wallace Wright had two special teams tackles including a great stop on the second half kickoff.

Ahmad Carroll and Vern Gholston missed tackle opportunities on Leodis McKelvin's 44 yard return in first quarter.

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