Harris will not play this week

Based on Eric Mangini's answers on Wednesday, it doesn't look like linebacker David Harris (groin) is going to be back any time soon.

Q)What is the update on David Harris?

Mangini: It's a longer shot this week.

Q)Was there a setback with Harris' injury?

Mangini: Well, just some things that we're doing, so a little bit longer shot.

Q)Is Harris having a surgical procedure?

Mangini: I'm not going to talk about any of the specifics. I'll just characterize it the way I characterized it. (He has) a longer shot than last week.

Q)Is Harris' injury long-term?

Mangini: I don't think the time frame is really set one way or the other. We're just moving forward and trying to get him back as quickly as we can.

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