5 Questions with Laveranues Coles

The Jets wide out is a rising star in the NFL, and talks about his success.

Q: How much attention do you pay to the playoff picture and the other teams involved?


Coles: Well actually, I don't understand too much how things go. I've heard rumors that even if we win out, we still need help, but I thought if we won out we would be in. I don't understand the complexity of it, so for us, if we just keep winning, hopefully things will turn out in our favor.


Q: How do you avoid the human nature of letting down in Chicago, because the New England game is coming up, and will have huge implications?


Coles: I know Chicago is going to be playing the role of spoilers, and that's what teams start doing at this time of year. They know their going home, so why not spoil it for someone else. So for us, I think they're going to be our toughest opponent if you ask me, because they have nothing to lose. It's going to be a big game for us.


Q: Herm Edwards said today that if he had to vote for a team MVP, he'd vote for you. How do you react to that?


Coles: That's exciting to know that I have that kind of respect from my head coach. There's still a lot of newness for me, to be in a situation where I'm helping my team win games, and now that my head coach makes a beautiful comment like that about me, I really don't know how to take it.


Q: Are you surprised with your rate of development?


Coles: Oh of course. I never thought that I would be in a situation where I would be the leading receiver on the Jets team. I'm very much surprised. But for me, I still have a long way to go. I'm still learning the game each week and there's always something new that comes up that I had never experienced. It's still a learning process, and I can't do anything but get better if I just keep a positive attitude and keep working hard.


 Q: Do you let yourself think about the Pro Bowl at all?


Coles: I try not to think about it. We have a lot of great receivers in our division. Right now what's most important is this team winning ball games. The Pro Bowl is a plus, and me and my family would really appreciate it if that were to happen to me. It would be a blessing, but right now I just continue to play and work hard. If my peers and the writers see fit for me to go to the Pro Bowl, than I'm very thankful for it. But I just want to win ball games.

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